13 Things You Need in Your Winter Car Survival Kit

by Trevor Riggs - Posted 1 year ago

13 Things You Need in Your Winter Car Survival Kit

You probably already have a few of the items in this winter car survival kit in your garage but they, and few other things belong in the car! All you need to do is put them together in a box, in your car during winter for roadside emergencies. So equipped, you'll be ready to deal with most winter roadside breakdowns, and avoid getting frostbite or freezing to death in the process! This is particularly true for those of you that live or drive through rural, sparsely populated areas where being stuck in a blizzard can cost you your life.

  1. Small Led Flashlight

  2. Cell Phone Charger

  3. Notebook with emergency phone number

  4. Pencil (ink pens can freeze)

  5. Portable air compressor

  6. Simple tool kit

  7. Small bag of Floor Dry (it will help with traction if you get stuck)

  8. Jumper cables

  9. Foldable Shovel

  10. Fix a Flat

  11. First Aid Kit

  12. Hat Gloves and a Blanket

  13. LIghter

These the basics that you should always have in your care in case of an emergency in the winter.  You never know when you're going to get stuck, slide off the road or get into an accident.  These simple things can save your life.